Hand Car Wash in York, our prices are as follows:

Wash & Go – £5
Wash, Wax & Leather – £7
People Carriers:
Wash & Go – £7
Wash, Wax & Leather – £10

from £7

The Wash and Go hand car wash will ensure your car has that showroom look and we can turn a muddy car into a shinny clean car all in around 10 minutes (usually!). We use a 4 stage process for all cars or vans. The washing process is as follows:

1. Prewash – removal of grit & surface road filth
2. Foam wash & Wax – hand washed plus wax additive
3. Wax & Rinse – full body, special attention to sills, arches & wheels
4. Dry – Full chamois leather drying by hand

So how do we achieve such good results?

Well, we use excellent products that make our job a little less tiring! We use tried and tested wash products specifically made for use on cars and ensures easy cleaning, paint protection and care as well as leaving paint looking nice and shinny. A lot of car washes will use a high heat wash however this damages paint over time so we use a cold water wash to give customers the best paint care.

Our 4 stage process we have fine tuned over the years and we believe the car wash process is now perfected!

And finally… the best elbow grease in the business from the Wash and Go car wash staff!